Lost Music: Sweet Emotion (Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon)

Remembering Forgotten Songs

Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon




I've always been a rabid collector of Cover Songs.  However, I'm very particular about which ones I collect.  In my world view, I only collect cover songs that are unique in the fact that they recreate the song rather than just imitate the original version.  A perfect case of this is Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon's unique take on the Aerosmith tune, Sweet Emotion.

"The two stellar musicians have teamed again to bring us Sixty Six Steps, an incredibly wonderful album. While the initial inspiration for the album comes from Gordon’s love of Calypso and Caribbean music...in the midst of the album, Kottke and Gordon launch into Sweet Emotion. Yes, the very same song by Aerosmith!

In the duo's capable hands on Sweet Emotion you notice what could be the paradox of the whole album – there is so much going on, what with the multiple guitar lines and bass lines and various percussive instruments weaving hither and yon, yet there is so much space! You could imagine getting even more instruments and vocals into the act! If you listen carefully, it sounds like someone’s playing a banjo! According to the press that I’ve read, it’s actually a baglama, which I believe is a Turkish instrument.  So sit back and relax and enjoy the company of some inventive, talented people who love to make music." (Guitar Noise website)