Rock & Roll Sunday Funnies


When I was a kid I always looked forward to

Sunday and the cartoons in the Sunday Newspaper. 

The other day while I was daydreaming, I thought to myself 

"Hey what if the Sunday Funnies were all about rock & roll?"



































































An electronic flip book about The Beatles!

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“This experience was wonderful.

It’s a great book… and you can dance to it!”

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Blues You Can Use!

While primarily a blues band, The Hideaways are not interested in rehashing traditional blues styles with religious devotion; nor are they interested in playing the same old noodling guitar hero blues.  When it comes time to make music, The Hideaways show up as themselves; they play what they like and they "do the thing without trying to be the thing."  While acknowledging the strong influences of the blues artists they love, they channel elements of old R&B, country, rockabilly, instrumental surf and jazz which infiltrates their sound; all the while delivering a rapid-fire performance that has the energy and drive of a live show by the Ramones and The Clash.





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