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One September evening in 2006, four guys calling themselves The Hideaways (Chris James - Vocals, Guitar & Organ , Sean O'Neill - Bass , "Boom Boom" Johnson - Drums and Scotty Micciche - Blues Harp & Vocals) walked into a studio in Deer Park, New York and created this 2-track live recording called The Lost Tracks Vol. 1.  Mind Smoke Records is delighted to take part in the release of this remastered blues gem that captures the raw energy of The Hideaways!

The Lost Tapes Vol. 1 Album Review BMan's Blues Report (8-7-2019): ""I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, The Lost Tapes Vol. 1, from The Hideaways, and it's terrific! Opening with Albert King's Let's Have A Natural Ball and it's on fire! With Chris James on lead vocal and guitar the band sounds more like Gatemouth Brown or Alvin Lee than King. Sean O'Neill on bass paired with Boom Boom Johnson on drums really drives the bottom and Scotty Micciche hits it hard on harp. Sensational opener. Doc Pomus' Lonely Avenue is a really cool sauntering shuffle with reverb drenched guitar soloing and it's steady beat. Junior Wells' Little By Little has super feel and James and Micciche paired on vocal makes for great stuff. Micciche takes a real nice harmonica solo on this one and really takes the track to a higher plain. James' guitar runs, double stops and fanning style fit this track to a tee. Excellent! Switching over to Chuck Berry style on Bye Bye Johnny, an strong rock n roll bottom gives James a wide open field to lay out blues fused rock riffs. Very nice! Another really hot track is Honey Boy with so much heat generated by James, Micciche, Johnson and O'Neill you feel they are going to run off the rail. Smoking!! Wrapping the release is T-Bone Walker's I'm Still In Love With You. bringing the pace way down, James vocals are exceptional and his guitar phrasing is perfect. This is an excellent closer for an exceptional release! "


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