Hot Platters: Mouth Music - Chris White

In 1976, a young musician named Chris White released an album on the UK label Charisma called Mouth Music.  It drew a lot of interest from many Brian Wilson fans as the album is chock full of…

Lost Music: The Imposter (Elvis Costello)

Remembering Lost Songs

The Imposter - Elvis Costello

I've always liked Elvis Costello's work and today's Lost Song is my favorite Elvis Costello song; it's a tune called The Imposter which was a track on his…

Alive As Yesterday: 1987 Concerts

License To Ill Tour '87 Beastie Boys Fishbone Murphy's Law

Many people's first taste of the Beasties was in 1985, when they opened for none other than Madonna during the pop star's first…

Lost Music: Life Is Good (Los Lobos)

Remembering Forgotten Songs!


Los Lobos - Life Is Good

Here's a wonderful song that's filled with positivity.  The lyrics are simplistic yet effective.  The first time I came across this great Los Lobos track I…

Rock & Roll Sunday Funnies!

When I was a kid I always looked forward to Sunday & the cartoons in the Sunday Newspaper.  The other day while I was daydreaming, I thought to myself  "Hey what if the Sunday

Alive As Yesterday: 1983 Concerts

Ramones Fool's Face Mississippi Nights St. Louis, MO


Live Album Recording Date Freelance Vandals Right Track Inn Freeport, NY  


The English Beat R.E.M. Campus …