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The History Of Virtual Reality

The Laurel Canyon Documentary

The Brilliant Troubled Dorothy Parker

Auto Mechanics Recreate Renaissance Paintings

Murder In The Blueprints Of Frank Lloyd Wright

A Road Trip For 70-Degree Weather Every Day

Robert Moses & A Time Of Really Big Projects

She Shot Andy Warhol: The Dirty Crimes Of Dorothy Podber


One September evening in 2006, four guys calling themselves The Hideaways (Chris James - Vocals, Guitar & Organ , Sean O'Neill - Bass , "Boom Boom" Johnson - Drums and Scotty Micciche - Blues Harp & Vocals) walked into a studio in Deer Park, New York and created this 2-track live recording called The Lost Tracks Vol. 1.  Mind Smoke Records is delighted to take part in the release of this remastered blues gem that captures the raw energy of The Hideaways!

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