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When Concert Posters Were An Art Form 1965


British Invasion Concerts NYC


The Dave Clark Five

Harry Deal & THe Galaxies, The Six Keys

The Knaves

Greensboro Coliseum

Greensboro, NC


Rolling Stones

Dave Berry & The Cruisers, The Konrads

The Checkmates, Johnny Ball, The Hollies

ABC Theatre  Romford,

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The Most Bizarre Rock & Roll Albums of All Time!

I've been an avid music collector since the early 1960's.  Besides the great albums I purchased, I always took note of some of the really bad records I bought over the know what I'm talking about don'cha?  Record albums

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A Moment In Time: The British Invasion

This story starts in the United Kingdom...

""The British music industry was rigidly controlled by the BBC and London’s Denmark Street music publishers. A handful of powerful managers groomed a stable of homegrown singers in the mold of Elvis Presley…

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Remembering Jeff Beck

I was shocked to learn that Jeff Beck, perhaps the greatest rock & roll guitarist of all, had passed away on Tuesday due to spinal meningitis.  I've always ranked Beck alongside my other favorite guitarist, Danny Gatton.  

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Faces in the Crowd: Big Daddy Tom Donahue

Today on the Rock & Roll is a State of Mind blog we celebrate the late great Big Daddy Tom Donahue (May 21, 1928 – April 28, 1975), who was a renowned American rock and roll radio disc jockey,

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Alive As Yesterday: 1986 Concerts

Raising Hell Tour '86 




Municipal Auditorium 

Nashville, TN

"All Hell Breaks Loose at a Run-D.M.C. 'Raising Hell' Rap Concert in California: 'I am great--get it straight--that`s

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A Moment in Time: The US Festival 1982

Today we look back at The US Festival 1982!



"Woodstock set the bar impossibly high for rock festivals. Ever since, people have expected nothing less than majesty and transcendence, although merely mind-blowing will

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Alive As Yesterday: 1989 Concerts

The Who 

London Coliseum

London, UK



Grateful Dead

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

East Troy, MI


Jerry Garcia Band Electric

Wiltern Theatre

379 Wilshire Blvd

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