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Remembering My First Gig

Johnny Pierre circa 1966 Verdun, France I remember my first gig as if it took place yesterday.  In October of 1966.  I was 15 years old and playing in a trio that went by the name of US …Read more

Rock & Roll Sunday Funnies!

When I was a kid I always looked forward to Sundays  & the cartoons in the Sunday Newspaper.  The other day while I was daydreaming, I thought to myself  "Hey what if the Sunday Funnies were …Read more

Alive As Yesterday: 1986 Concerts

Raising Hell Tour '86  RUN DMC  WHODINI  LL COOL J  Municipal Auditorium  Nashville, TN

"All Hell Breaks Loose at a Run-D.M.C. 'Raising Hell' Rap Concert in California: 'I am great--get it straight--that`s

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A Moment in Time: The US Festival 1982

Today we look back at The US Festival 1982!


STEVE WOZNIAK "Woodstock set the bar impossibly high for rock festivals. Ever since, people have expected nothing less than majesty and transcendence, although merely mind-blowing will …Read more

Alive As Yesterday: 1988 Concerts

BOB DYLAN GRATEFUL DEAD Oakland Stadium Oakland, CA


IGGY POP The Austin Opera House Austin, TX


BRYAN FERRY Greek Theatre U.C. Berkeley Berkeley, Ca …Read more

Alive As Yesterday: 1967 Concerts


Electric Flag, Moby Grape Steve Miller Fillmore SF CA


Donovan Cow Palace San Francisco, CA


 Lenny Bruce The Mothers of …Read more

The Beatles: Something Cool To Read This Week!





Worried that no-one would understand their Liverpool accents in 1964 film ‘A Hard Day’s Night’, US music execs considered dubbing them over with American actors. McCartney harrumphed: “We can understand a fucking…

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1970: The Saga of the Festival Express

It was on June 27, 1970, that the Transcontinental Pop Festival began its journey in Toronto, Canada. This festival was part of a series of concerts in Canada that became known as The Festival Express which is also the…

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