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LI Sounds Weekly: May 10 Thru May 16

Don't miss some of the great shows  that are happening this week! MAY 10


MAY 11

WONDEROUS STORIES - THE LAST SHOW @ KJ FARRELLS! Venue: KJ Farrells 242 Pettit …Read more

Hot Platters: Live Albums That Changed My Life

Live albums were once a staple of most rock acts but could possibly be considered an endangered species nowadays.  Sure, over the years there have been many live albums that were released as a holding action because a band…

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1970: The Saga of the Festival Express

It was on June 27, 1970, that the Transcontinental Pop Festival began its journey in Toronto, Canada. This festival was part of a series of concerts in Canada that became known as The Festival Express which is also the…

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Out of Order: the new Freelance Vandals album

Freelance Vandals lineup 1981 Left to right: "Diamond" Ray Finch, Jack Finch, Chuck Ciany Billy "the Mountain" Cairns, Mike Adams & Johnny Pierre


Over the past couple of years, I’ve been curating…

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Remembering Woodstock On Its 50 Year Anniversary

50 years ago today, The Woodstock Festival took place in White Lake, NY.  It was an event that transformed the youth culture and established the Music Festival template that continues to this very day. 

Woodstock: The Event …Read more