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Freelance Vandals Live @ The Music Box 1978

Today is the release date for our new Freelance Vandals album:  LIVE @ THE MUSIC BOX 1978  


Ah...1978!  Looking back, I remember that it was a very hard year for the band.…

Rock & Roll I Gave You The Best Years of My Life

As a songwriter, I've always enjoyed writing in a wide variety of musical genres but the rock & roll genre has always been my favorite genre.  More often than not, rock & roll music has always been there to…

Remembering M.C. Osso

Cover Artwork: M.C. Osso 

Mind Smoke Records is proud to announce the release  of

American Zoom Anthology

an eclectic collection of M.C. Osso recordings

that capture the many musical personas of this mercurial artist.  

All You Really Need Is A Little Rock & Roll!

My new single out is out today!


Special Thanks to all of the tasty players 

who helped me out on this track: 

Jeff Goldstein (Bass Guitar) 

"Diamond" Ray Finch (Guitar Riff that opens the…

Haiku Monday Interview: Imaginary Soundtracks


Mind Smoke Records Promotions Director, Judy Fleenor-Sheets, recently sat down with the members of Haiku Monday, a conceptural pop band featuring the talents of Alex Maes (Guitars, Vocals), Rudy Schnee (Drums, Percussion, Programmed Drums), Don Reintier…