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Freelance Vandals Yer Money Or Yer Ears!

Special Thanks to our friends who donated photos for this blog post: Mike Tully - Rose Rosemarie Rizzi Cirillo - Paul O. Colliton Terri Goldstein - Carolyn Olson


By 1983, the Freelance…

Johnny Pierre's Holiday Mailbag

Season's Greetings from Mind Smoke Records!  With the onslaught of Holiday Cheer, I thought for this week's blog post, I'd respond to some of the mail we've been getting from all of the Mind Smoke Records fans out there!

Christmas Cards: It's almost that time of the year!

Next Monday... December National Christmas Card Day! 


From Smithsonian magazine, A History of Christmas Cards:

" A prominent educator and patron of the arts, Henry Cole, travelled in the elite, social circles of early Victorian…

Where Songs Come From: Boy Gone Bad (The Wonk Bros)

Yesterday marked the 33rd anniversary of a crime

that took place in New York city on August 26, 1986.

Today's blog post is about a song that was

inspired by this heinous murder in Central Park.

On Hiatus: June 3 - June 17

Just To Give All You Rock & Rollers A Heads Up... I will be taking a Hiatus JUNE 3 - JUNE 17 I'll Be Back With A New Blog Post on JUNE 18th See you all …

Long Island Sounds June 2019

JUNE 2019

For those who haven't heard the sad news:  The Grey Horse Tavern, one of LI's most eclectic music venues which is located in Bayport, will be closing this  June.  "The Grey Horse Tavern

Rock & Roll I Gave You The Best Years of My Life

As a songwriter, I've always enjoyed writing in a wide variety of musical genres but the rock & roll genre has always been my favorite genre.  More often than not, rock & roll music has always been there to…

All You Really Need Is A Little Rock & Roll!

My new single out is out today!


Special Thanks to all of the tasty players 

who helped me out on this track: 

Jeff Goldstein (Bass Guitar) 

"Diamond" Ray Finch (Guitar Riff that opens the…