Summer's Here & the Mind Smoke Records Guitar Farm is back in business!

Around stately Mind Smoke Manor, the first true sign of the Summer season is when the staff of Mind Smoke Records gets our Guitar Farm up and running.  5 years ago, we started the whole thing as a lark but now it's become a annual ritual.


The first step in growing a magnificent Guitar Farm is to season the dirt with some of these special guitar seeds that were donated by various Mind Smoke Records artists.  Those rare Triangular guitar pick seeds were donated by Haiku Monday's Alex Zander.


Pictured above is an old Gibson SG.  The seeds for this guitar were donated by members of the Freelance Vandals

Luckily, they purchased those particular seeds before the Gibson Guitar Seed company went bankrupt!


The  photo right above this is of an old Resolectric guitar.  The seeds for this guitar were donated by Mind Smoke blues artist, Little Slim Lavoro.  


Many of these guitars are in such bad shape that they're virtually unplayable and would cost a ton of money to repair so, after much ballyhoo, it was decided that the next best thing would be to give these old instruments a nice place where they could rest and enjoy the calming breezes here in Mind Smoke Manor’s backyard.


After the special guitar seeds are planted move ahead with steady applications of some New Orleans mojo powder, cracked & burned out tubes from an ancient Fender amp along with repeated plays of loud, raucous music.  We have found that frequent plays of Green Onions by Mind Smoke artist The Mighty Young Fish seems to work best!


Voila!  Before you know it, you'll have a Guitar Farm that the whole neighborhood will be talking about!


Why just last night, a bunch of neighbors showed up with torches to have a look at our beautiful Guitar Farm!


It's little things like this that make the ebb & flow of life a bit more interesting, eh?




“Without music, life would be a mistake.” 

― Friedrich Nietzsche




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